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Tree Removal

Protect Your Home from Hazardous Trees

Get Professional Tree Removal Services in Nacogdoches, TX

Amidon Tree Service in Nacogdoches, TX offers complete tree removal services to rid your landscape of hazardous trees. Dead, damaged or overgrown trees can threaten your home and property. Don’t wait until a hazardous tree falls on your roof to schedule tree removal services.

We have the tools and equipment needed to bring down fully grown trees, no matter where they are or what condition they’re in.

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Tree Removal

Any tree. Any Height. Anywhere.

Tree Removal


Whether you have an overgrown tree in a far corner of your backyard or a tall tree hovering over your roof, we can reach it and remove it with ease.  Our professionals will…


  • Provide a full assessment of your tree.
  • Cut your hazardous tree down limb by limb.
  • Remove any large tree debris.
  • Chop up firewood and leave it for you.


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