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Stump Removal

When a tree falls in your yard, you don’t have to be stuck with an unsightly, dangerous tree stump. Amidon Tree Service in Nacogdoches, TX offers complete stump grinding services to free up your landscape. We use professional grade stump grinders that can get rid of your tree stumps and fill in your hole so new grass can take hold and create a better-looking landscape.

Tree stumps don’t have to be a permanent fixture in your lawn. You can Call: 936-553-9433 Amidon Tree Service today for professional stump removal services.


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Stump Removal

Why have your Stumps Removed?

Don’t put off your stump removal service any longer. Leftover tree stumps can be a real nuisance to your landscape. On top of being an eyesore, rotten tree stumps can:

  • Grow dangerous fungi.
  • Attract lawn pests and wildlife.
  • Make it harder to mow your lawn.

Get rid of tree stumps once and for all with professional stump grinding services.

Call Amidon Tree Service at: 936-553-9433 today to schedule an appointment in and around Nacogdoches, TX.

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